Beginner’s Guide

New players who start online gambling might find it a bit overwhelming with all the games, bonuses, online deposits etc. For people who haven’t played casino games on the internet before but are interested in doing so might find it difficult to start. This is where steps in and guides you through every step so your online casino experience is comfortable from the very start.

Chapters is your guide to the world of online gambling in Australia.

About Online Casinos

High-tech advancements of computers and the internet has created an exciting new way for people around the world to play their favourite casino-style games right at home.  For those who are really into casinos games, the transformation of regular land-based casinos into the internet is really an evolution.

History of Online Casinos

When the first online software was introduced by Microgaming around 1994, online casinos just boomed sky high; as if people were waiting for casino games to become available on the internet. Now the world has lost count of the number of casinos available on the internet and online casinos are one of the world’s biggest forms of online entertainment.

Operations, Legality and Regulations

Online Casinos operators the same way as any land-based casinos, they have a management team, have a license to operate a casino and are regulated by an external authority.

Operators mostly own and carry out all the functions of an online casino like gaming, customer service, banking etc. and the Jurisdictions make sure these functions are in order. The key responsibilities of these licensing authorities are licensing, accounting, setting regulations, monitoring the operation and auditing. Some of the well-known and trustworthy Gambling authorities are Lotteries & Gaming Authority of Malta, Curacao Licensing Authority, Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, UK gambling Commission and Isle of Man gambling Supervision Commission.

The other side of the story is to make sure you are legal to play in online casinos. The minimum age to play at any casino is 18 years. strictly instruct you not to gamble anywhere if you are under 18 years of age. Another aspect is on whether the casino actually accepts players from your region. Most online casinos ban players from a number of regions which restricts players of those regions to sign up. In case the casino has restricted your region, you need to find a casino that accepts players from your country.

Getting Started

If you have never played at an online casino then this guide gives you all you need to know to get started. Registering and depositing at an online casino is as easy as opening a new bank account. These casinos have made sure not to hassle you when you register and deposit unless you do not fulfill their legal requirements or do something to violate their terms and conditions such as registering from a region they have restricted. is happy to guide you through every step and instruct you as you step into this wonderful world of online entertainment.

  • Choosing an Online Casino
  • Download/Non-Download Casino
  • Signing Up/Registering
  • Funding your Account
  • Start Playing
  • Withdrawing

Find out all information about dealing with online casinos as a new player in our “Getting Started” guide.

Online Casino Bonuses

Bonuses hit a player straight away as soon as they register. Many players might now even know what to do with those bonuses and some players even ignore them. Bonuses and Promotions draw a huge line between land-based and online casino which is why these online gaming establishments boost their bonuses to prove their superiority towards brick-and-mortar casinos.

These bonuses can come in the form of bonus credits, cashbacks, free spins or even solid cash. These bonuses and promotions can get a bit complicated but in our Casino Bonuses & Promotions page, we guide you through all the common bonuses offered by Online Casinos along with their advantages.

Wagering Requirements

Casinos don’t just give out bonuses so players can grab them and run away, they want players to enjoy those bonuses playing at the same casino and wager more. Wagering/Play through requirements is the number of times a player needs to wager the bonus or bonus plus deposit (mostly initial) in the casino game before treating them as cash. Casinos expect players to fulfill these requirements by wagering those bonuses certain number of times on specific games to utilize these bonuses. These numbers range from 15x to 40x depending on the casino. Normally, the more attractive the bonuses seem the higher the wager requirements and the more number of times it needs to be wagered.

For example, if the casino offers a sign-in bonus at 100% match up to $100, wagering requirement of 15X and the player deposits $200 for open his account, he will need to wager 15 X $100 i.e. $1500 worth of wager to fulfill these requirements.

The casino does not allow players to wager these bonuses on all the games available. In most casinos, wagering the bonuses on Craps or Roulette might now count as fulfilling a wagering requirement. Wagering bonuses on games like Blackjacks or Video poker often count towards play through requirement but on a reduced rate.

Online Pokies Guide

Pokies, also known as Slots or Fruit Machines are one of, if not the most popular casino game. Pokies, in most online casinos today represent for a majority of the games available, and for good reason. Players have so many options to choose from regarding their betting options and payouts making the game highly flexible and even more enjoyable.

There is more to an online slot game than what meets the eye. It might come as a surprise to some players on how interactive slot games have become with numerous bonuses and unlimited features.

Our Online Pokies Guide has everything you need to know about this classic casino game for the modern ages. Click Here to go to our Online Pokies Guide.