Casino Loyalty Programs

Often casino bonuses are offered by casino operators to lure players on joining and depositing in their casino. Loyalty Scheme is a reward program offered by online casinos to reward players who have frequent transactions with the casino. Many players may identify this scheme as VIP scheme or Loyalty Club.

These programs often relate to the amount wagered by the players. Although many online casinos have their own scheme, here we discuss on a few popular programs offered by most online casinos.

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Both these programs are either set on a tier basis or a point system or a mixture or both depending on how the casino has formatted them. There are no specific rules on how casinos need to set their loyalty programs but below we explain the most basic and common type of programs that most casinos offer.

Please note that these programs will differ depending on the casino and many players might find various benefits added to the basic format.

Cash back programs

An online cashback program is different from the welcome bonuses and other bonus that most online casino offers. Commonly in this program casinos give a certain amount back to their most loyal customers either once a month or once every few weeks. The amount of cashback a player earns is directly related to the amount of money they lost at the casino during the previous playing period.

Some casinos use a rate to decide on the cash back. Different casinos use a whole mix of criteria in order to pay back cash. In general, casinos calculate the amount of loos suffered by a player in a game and then decide on a percentage rate and give you that amount back on a certain period.

For example, EmuCasino currently have a cash back scheme where they refund 15%-25% of what the house makes on a daily basis on a pokie game. The casino gives you a slice of all the spins and then divides that according to the player’s average wagering behavior. If you wager a lot and frequently play their pokie games, you are up for a larger slice of the pie.

There are certain criteria on the eligibility of cash backs which again depend on how the casino defines a loyal customer. Please check the casino’s cashback loyalty program for full details.

VIP membership

This is a common program that first started in Land casinos and is still popular. The concept is similar to VIP clubs in casinos where you get certain facilities on your membership type.

As members of the casino’s VIP Club, active players are entitled to benefits, cash and/or complimentary gifts in accordance with the number of points they accumulate and the level of status they obtain. Online casinos generally follow a standard rule, more you play, more your points therefore bigger your reward.

The accumulated points can be viewed in a separate loyalty program account similar to his casino cash account. It is possible to withdraw points, too, and redeem them for comps, bonus cash and other rewards. How much the points are worth will vary from casino to casino.


Emushop, where you can trade your Emupoints at EmuCasino.

Normally, a player will be rewarded a package of benefits which can range from additional bonuses to a birthday celebration party to a destination holiday, all depending on how high you are in the pyramid or tier. It is quite common for loyalty programs to have tiers that identify players by activity level, like Bronze, Silver and Gold. The more points that are earned, the higher up the ranks one rises and the more rewards are received.

To give you an example of how a VIP membership program might work, below we have the VIP program currently offered by EmuCasino.

EmuCasino Silver

– 100% Match Deposit bonuses up to $600
– Silver Cashback plan – weekly up to 20% on all your spins
– Deposit bonuses up to 110% on a wide selection of games
– Free spins and cash drops

EmuCasino Gold

– 100% Match Deposit bonuses up to $1,200
– Gold Cashback plan – weekly up to 22.5% on all your spins
– Deposit bonuses up to 130% on a wide selection of games
– Free spins and large cash drops

EmuCasino Platinum

– 100% Match Deposit bonuses up to $2,400
– Platinum Cashback plan – weekly up to 25% on all your spins
– Deposit bonuses up to 150% on a wide selection of games
– Free spins and mega cash drops

A loyalty scheme can prove to an effective method of making sure a player sticks to the casino. Apart from having enormous fun playing games and satisfaction through customer service, that extra VIP treatment will definitely make the customer feel special and welcomed.

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