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Software clients provide a gaming platform to all casinos found online. You can go to our Casino list by Software page to find out software clients used by top ranking online casinos. On this page you will find information concerning the platform in which the games provided by the software client runs on.
Traditionally, when you heard the word casino, you’d picture a big stylish building illuminated with lights from top to bottom; you’d go to the main door, a guard would salute you and open the door where you will be greeted by hot chicks serving you drinks leading you to the cashier. Although this does sound really tempting, not everyone has the resources to spend that cash or many may not even want that panache. This is where online casinos step in.
As online casinos are becoming more popular and the vast community of people gambling online is growing ever so rapidly; it is important to understand the interface in which they run. Online Casinos can be divided in two ways based on how they are played or yet where you play it.

Download Casino

download-casino-cap-440012Download Casinos were first launched when Microgaming introduced the first casino software in 1994. Following this landmark event, numerous other companies like Playtech, Betsoft and many more now have their own casino software.
Download based casino required the player to download the casino software from the casino’s website and install it in their personal computer. Downloading and installing is the very first step before even creating a casino account. All functions such as registering, depositing, playing the games and withdrawing are done through the software. Even contacting customer support is done through the downloaded software itself. Once the software is downloaded and installed, rarely does a player need to visit the online website of the casino.
You need to allocate a certain amount of disk space for each download you make. After downloading the software, players need to install the games in that software; this is a one-time installation.
Go to our Download based casino page to know all the pros and cons of this form of online casino.

Web-based/Non-download Casino

instant-play-casinos-cap-484400Web-based casino platform can be considered a relatively new introduction where players can play an online casino game straight through their web browser. These casinos require you to have plugins like Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave or Java and require your browser support for these plugins. These days download casinos are slowly being replaced by non-download casinos.
As you do not need to wait for the software to download and be installed, you can begin playing almost immediately. You simply register, make a deposit and begin playing and all these functions are performed through the casino’s website itself. One big advantage of web-based casino is that you have access to games from any destination i.e. anywhere there is internet as you only require a web-browser.
Visit out Non-download casino page for more information.

Mobile Casino

mobile-casino-cap-144852As mobile phones users are increasing in a exponential rate, it was about time online casinos found a new platform. Theoretically, mobile casinos either follow a download or a non-download platform within itself. People may need to download an application on their mobile; provided that the casino has an app for Iphone, android or Windows mobile. However, players can always open the browser in their mobile to play in web-based casino anytime.
The features available in mobile casino depend on the casino and the features they have enabled. Some casinos activate only basic functions such as logging in and playing the games whereas others allow registering, depositing, withdrawing and even contacting customer service through mobile phones and tablets.
All platforms have their benefits and drawbacks. A download based casino has the advantage of its interface as the set up in the downloaded software is more efficient. But again in terms of mobility, web—based casinos have a huge advantage. The obvious advantage of a mobile casino is the availability to play games from any part of the world without having to carry a laptop. So in the end, it comes to judging which form can be most advantageous to you.

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