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Choosing an online casino can be hard but for the most part it should be an easy and fun exercise. While going through this process, you will come across two different platforms to play in as options; a download and a no download casino. If you are new to this popular form of online entertainment, you will be constantly facing these two terms; download and non-download.

We have briefly explained about each of these two forms of online casino in our Casinos by Type page. Here you will find details on each one, with this particular page dedicated to Download Casinos.

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What are Download Casinos?

Download Casinos are still adopted by most online casinos as a playing platform. These casinos are gaming sites where all primary functions are processed through a software client that needs to be downloaded into the user’s personal computer. The software is a package that allows punters to perform all these actions:

  • Registration
  • Depositing
  • Gameplay
  • Customer Service
  • Withdrawal
  • Customer Support

Downloading and installing the software

After you have decided the casino you want to play in (if not, go to our How to choose an online casino page), you first need to go to their website and find the “Download” heading. Upon clicking that download button, a window will appear on our screen after which you have to save the setup file.

Once the setup file is saved, open the file and you will need to follow a few simple proposed steps. The installation process will start immediately. A page will open which shows the Terms and Condition (which many of you will ignore but we suggest you read it). If you are satisfied with the T&C’s, click “I Agree”


Registration and Access to Games

Now that the software of the casino is installed into your hard drive, you can start by registering a new account. The registration process required a few basic details like Name, Username, a Password, date of birth, email and maybe a few more depending on the casino. Once you have registered, you need to make a deposit.

If you choose to, you may try the games, given that the practice mode is available. If you choose to play for money straight away, you can go to the cashier section and choose a deposit method.

Go to our Getting Started page to know all about the various methods to fund your account.

Keep in mind that the download and installation process takes place only once. When updates are needed, the software will run on its own which means you can play in total freedom at any time. You will also need to install the games once but that takes only a matter of few seconds.

Advantage of Download Casinos

  • A download casino utilizes a player’s computer system and depends less on the Internet connection, unlike the no download that is totally reliant on the Internet connection.
  • At casino sites that offer both formats, some benefits such as certain bonuses or promotions may be available only to those playing on the downloaded version of software.
  • Some players may find the interface of the software client more efficient. Download based casinos have all the functions formatted keeping it simple and creating one click accessibility. User interface and efficiency are known to be smoother in the downloaded software rather than having to refresh the pages on the web browser.

Disadvantage of Download Casinos

  • Although it is a one-time setup, players still have to go through the process of downloading the software and the games which consumes both time and hard disk space.
  • Downloading can always lead the computer vulnerable to malware or virus, although most online casinos take all the precautionary measures they can.
  • Since you have to download the software, the games are available only in one computer; unless you install it everywhere you go. There is a big disadvantage of immobility.
  • Some casinos make the software only compatible for Windows, so Mac users may find it difficult to find software that can be installed in a Mac operation system.

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