Online Casino

People have been staking money on anything and everything since the invention of money itself. In Australia, the casino industry grew enormously during the 90’s and is now home to some of the world’s great casinos, hotels and resorts and also growing even rapidly are online casinos.

Online casino industry is flourishing in recent years, especially after many people depend on the internet for almost everything due to its convinience. Now, there are virtually thousands of online gaming destinations where anyone can join and play from an all-time classic casino game to most recently launched slots variant.

The History of Online Casino

Although the online gambling industry is really widespread, it might come as a surprise that it’s not as old as many might think. It started in the late 1990’s with the Caribbean government legalizing online gambling and introduction of the first online casino software by Microgaming around 1994. Now the world has lost count of the number of casinos available on the internet and online casinos are one of the world’s biggest forms of online entertainment.

Why play Online?

online-casino-gameplay-cap-452110There are more than obvious reasons why dealing online is more convenient than actually having to move yourself and dingo it. From booking a hotel to ordering an expensive pair of headphones, people are already familiar, too familiar in fact, with online transaction so why should casinos fall behind. Since the advent of online casinos, a long-running debate has gathered momentum about the true advantages the online casino world has to offer, when transferring the experience of a land-based casino to the online world.

  • The most obvious advantage would be its ease and convenience. Open every day 24/7 and available anywhere with an internet (if you play on a web-based casino) or available on your laptop or desktop computer at home (playing both download and web-based casino). Click here to know all about Download and Non-download Casinos.
  • Another crucial advantage of playing online casino is the sheer diversity and variety available within the click of a button or the tap of your finger. An exceptionally wide array of games numbering in the hundreds can be accessed without having to walk from table to table across the casino lobby.
  • Online Casino bonuses are another strong advantage of playing online casino games. Let’s face it; no land casino will had you additional pile of chips when you initially exchange casino chips for money. Yeah of course these bonuses have their wagering requirement but there’s still a good chance that you’ll work through it and claim that bonus as cash.
  • Many people might argue that monetary transactions are better with land-based casinos; well is it? While depositing money online, you do not have to worry about carrying lumps of cash into the casino and your deposits are quicker than the casino cashier handing you chips (unless you use a bank transfer). Withdrawing money is also a lot safer online than on land.

Online Casino Rules

Online gambling rules are simple and once understood, players can begin gambling from the comfort of their home. There are several common online gambling rules that a player needs to follow.

  • The most important would be the legal gambling age which is similar to the land-based casino rules; you have to be above 18 years old and no one under 18 can play casino games.
  • Online accounts are mandatory if the player want to bet and gamble . Players have to make an initial deposit and the rules about the deposition of the money are usually given on the site itself.
  • Most online casinos restrict players from various jurisdictions meaning players from that region are not allowed to register and play games in that particular casino.
  • Sometimes, bonuses are offered to players can different according to the region you have registered from. The welcome bonus are mostly uniform but other special bonuses such as free spins bonus or no deposit can be limited to only certain regions.
  • Other rules can be viewed under “Terms and Conditions” of the online casino

There are a few steps to be followed before you start warming your hands on blackjack or rocking the dice on craps. There are a few simple procedures to be followed before actually placing a bet and those include finding a casino, registering, depositing, claiming bonuses etc.

Visit our beginner’s guide page to view a step-by-step instruction on how to deal and play with online casinos.

Online Casino Games

Online casinos have an obvious advantage on land casinos when it comes to the number of games they can offer. The games are designed to look and function like real life casino games so that players can feel the same excitement when they play online. Understanding online casino games is critical to maximising your enjoyment of playing at online casinos and making some money of it while enjoying it. The magic of internet has allowed people to play land-based casino games online and top software developers have taken that gaming experience to new heights and beyond the expectations of many.

Although there are many software companies that have developed online casino gaming platforms and systems in the past, however there are really only handfuls that are in our opinion worth while mentioning:

  • Microgaming
  • Realtime Gaming
  • Playtech
  • Betsoft
  • Cryptologic
  • Next Gen
  • Aristocrat

Players can find a wide-range, we mean a massive range of games that a player a could only play in land-based casinos only if they were half the size of Manhattan. Some popular game catergories found are:casino-symbols-cap-486213

  • Pokies/Slot machines
  • Blackjack
  • Video Poker
  • Roulette
  • Baccarat
  • Craps
  • Scratch Cards
  • Arcade Games

Players can find numerous games under each category with their own unique style and variation but the category under which a large number of games can be found are pokies or slots. Aussies have always been a big fan of pokie machines in small pubs and glamorous casinos and online pokies are a bigger hit because they are seen as portable version of the ever popular Pokie machines.

Learn all about the history and rules of online slot games in our online pokies guide.